3 podcast episodes to feed your soul


Aside from my amazingly supportive family, podcasts (on very low volume) have become my go-to when I am feeling lonely and isolated in bed during/shortly after a migraine.  They help me focus on something other than my pain and allow me to relax.

I discovered podcasts in January 2017 (I know I was really late to the game).  I have always enjoyed listening to audiobooks because it gets me away from glowing screens. During a long drive the audiobook I was listening to ended (Amy’s Poehler’s “Yes Please”) and I didn’t have another one to listen to, so I decided to look for podcasts. The first podcast I listened to was My Favorite Murder – Episode 1. Since then I have become a loyal follower of many podcasts and find amazing new podcasts every week.

Recently I have listened to some podcast episodes that have brought me a lot of joy and comfort. I want to share some of the episodes with you in hopes that you may find comfort in them as well.

Super Soul Conversations with Oprah – Michael Singer: Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts   

Author and spiritual teacher Michael Singer reveals practical methods for allowing feelings to pass through you without taking over your life. He says spiritual growth begins by learning to silence the negative thoughts in your mind. Oprah says Michael Singer will “help you find a greater sense of inner peace.”

During the conversation Michael Singer emphasizes how the “voice in our head” that never shuts up and expresses doubt, anxiety and fear is NOT us. That inner dialogue is an expression of our psyche not our soul. Chronic pain greatly impacts our mental health. The “voice in my head” is constantly worrying and anxious…but now I know I can change that.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller  – Chris Guillebeau: How a Side Hustle Fuels Your Dream

How can you turn your idea into income? Why do we all need a side hustle? Chris Guillebeau, author, blogger, and host of the podcast, Side Hustle School is the expert on leading a life of non-conformity. He shares how he and other people around the world have transformed their hobbies into offers, how to identify and maximize your existing strengths, and why there’s a power in giving up. 

Although I love the brilliant things that Chris says during the episode, I think the 4:39 –   where Cathy is talking about self doubt is “delicious” (Cathy somehow pulls off using the word “delicious” in a cool way).  She speaks so powerfully and sincerely. She is speaking about self doubt in relation to side hustle, but I think it can be applied to many things.  She says, “It might be uncomfortable. People might say that we’re crazy. SO WHAT! What do they know? How many people do you look at and they are telling you that and at the same time they haven’t done the things in their own lives that they really wanted to do?” PREACH!

Anna Faris is Unqualified  – Kelly Clarkson

I love almost every episode of this podcast. Anna is so authentic and sweet to all the people who call in. I really enjoyed the episode with Kelly Clarkson because it was refreshing to see how down to earth Kelly was. She is so confident and proud of who she is. This is something I am working towards and I think she is a great role model.

Those are the three episodes I have listened to multiple times this month! I hope you enjoy. I would love to know what podcasts you love to listen to so I can give them a listen.