A gift guide for the migraine warrior in your life


Christmas is right around the corner, but there is still time to buy something special and useful for the migraine warrior in your life. Here is a list of gifts for under $30!

Peppermint Essential Oil – $24.60

They may already have peppermint essential oil, but they will run out soon. All they have to do is put it on their temples and the back of their neck and it will ease anxiety and nausea, both very common during migraine.

Warrior not Worrier Shirt – $12.99

You may know they are a warrior, but being in constant pain can really impact a migraine warriors mental health. Remind them them of how strong they are with this cozy shirt that they can wear when they forget.

One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide to Mindfulness – $14.95

Don’t let them get overwhelmed with everything. This book will allow them to get quick short simple pieces of advice about anxiety, fear, compassion, friendship.

A coupon to quietly clean – priceless

When dealing with chronic pain, it is easy to get behind on household duties. Eventually the house will be as chaotic as their brain. Helping them my cleaning up a little will be priceless and will give them a calmer space to be in.

Lavender Eye Pillow – $9.00

Light sensitivity is a beast, so an eye pillow can help block that nasty light.

These Socks – $9.99

This is what a migraine warrior would like to say to their migraine.

& These Socks – $9.99

And this is how a migraine warrior feels when they are itching to actually get stuff done, but are stopped by their migraine.


 Ear Plugs – $12.95

Noise hurts. Earplugs help.

Get Relaxed Tea – $11.00

Lavender and rose petal tea will help them relax.*

*I drank this twice a day while I was planning my wedding and it was amazing.

Reusable Water Bottle – $12.95 (cheapest)

Drinking a lot of water is important for migraine warriors, but it is easy to forget. Having a cute water bottle that they want to carry around will help them remember.

Stickers – $3.21 – $5.00

Stickers for the water bottle you just bought them are a must.

 Bag for Medicine – $19.97

Migraine warriors usually have a lot of medicine, which can be hard to keep track of. This little bag will keep everything together and remind them of how strong they are.

Scrunchies – $5.49

Normal hairbands hurt to take out and are sometimes too tight. Scrunchies allow for a looser ponytail.

Affirmation Cards – $12.51

Because who doesn’t need a unicorn and affirmations?

Diffuser – $25.99

Helps create an even more calming space filled with peppermint or lavender.

Sea Otter Pillow – $21.56

Sea otters are great at practicing mindfulness. Get them this cute pillow to cuddle with when they are in bed and to remind them to appreciate each moment like a sea otter.


Brain Stress Ball – $7.90

Migraine warriors hate their brain. Let them get out some anger on this stress ball!

Night Light – $24.99

Light sensitivity is no joke. Sometimes migraine warriors wake up at 3am in horrible pain. They don’t want to turn on the bright light to find their medicine, but they will need a little!

Roller – $15.99

Stretching and taking deep breaths feels good!