Thankful from A to Z


An A to Z list of everything I am thankful for today.


Art in all shapes and forms. Everyone is an artist in some way. I promise you that my drawing of a horse is just as bad (or good) as yours. Art is hard. And my art teacher always said “there are are no mistakes in art”, which is nice because there are plenty of mistakes other places.


I am told I have too many, but they help me escape. They let my imagination run wild. I have no shame in saying I love kids and young adult books, they are usually way more creative.

Cinnamon Rolls

Thanksgiving always started with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and cinnamon rolls. Good memories.


Is there anything better?! I have been dancing to “Thunder” by Imagina Dragons all week. The rhythym is gunna gettcha.

Every hug

Every single one, excpect for side hugs. It’s bear hugs or nothing.

Family & friends

Constant support and love. How is that possible! Constant…even at my worst.

Graphic tees

I LOVE graphic tees. Especially my ‘Warrior not Worrier’ tee that I have been wearing as a security blanket lately. The messages are more for me than other people.


He is my special person *blushing*.

Instagram community

It is amazing how easy it is to make connections on Instagram. The migraine and chronic pain community on there is amazing and I only started my account a few weeks ago.

Jigsaw puzzles

Gets me away from my phone and TV. I am working on a 1000 piece puzzle right now.

Kindness of strangers

The most pleasant surprise is when a stranger is kind to me.


It is important to be curious. I think that is the key to learning. When we are kids it was okay to be curious, but as an adult I sometimes think it is frowned upon. I am curious why that is.

Moments I am not in pain

I try to appreciate every moment  I am not in pain. Helps keep me sane.


fresh air + forests = my happy place

Online shopping

Sometimes I can’t get out of the house because I don’t feel good, so online shopping is SO helpful. My latest purchase…ice packs of course.

Peppermint oil

This has been a lifesaver lately.

Quiet weekend mornings

I feel best in the mornings and my husband likes to sleep in, so the quiet mornings where I can get stuff done and read is delightful.

Random acts of kindness


Oversized hoodie sweatshirts. I own too many. It’s like having a blanket around me all the time!


My physical therapists have been teaching me so much about pain. I love learning and I am so grateful for people who love teaching others.


No better story.


Mountain views. Forest views. City views.


The only thing I drink these days.


I am thankful for Christmas…which I can now celebrate because Thanksgiving is here.




The Oregon Zoo to be exact. I can watch the sea otters all day