Understanding chronic pain


Chronic pain is complex…

It isn’t a quick or easy fix (which I still haven’t quite come to terms with after 20+ years of pain). When we stub our toe or twist our ankle, we know exactly what caused the pain and it is clear what we need to do to heal the injury. Chronic pain is different in that there isn’t a clear path to healing/pain management and the path for each person is a little different.

Yesterday my physical therapist shared a video with me about chronic pain and the importance of looking at it from a broad perspective.

The video highlights 5 areas to look at when you are dealing with chronic pain and making a pain plan.

  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Diet and Lifestyle
  • Your Story
  • Physical Activity


“…ongoing pain being produced by the brain is less about structural changes in the body and more about the sensitivity of the nervous system in other words it’s more complex, so to try and figure out what’s going on you need to retrain the brain and nervous system. To do this it’s helpful to look at all the things that affect the nervous system and may be contributing to your individual pain experience. What can help is to look at persistent pain from a broad perspective and by using a structured approach¬†and a plan,¬†it’s less likely that anything important will be missed.”

Which of the 5 areas do you struggle with most?

Let me know what you think of the video!